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C12/2001M ms IRAN SARBAZ, emergency situation off Uusikaupunki 1.11.2001

Iranian flagged bulk cargo vessel IRAN SARBAZ was involved in an emergency situation outside Isokari on November 1, 2001. The vessel lay at anchor in ballast and when the wind increased the anchors began to drag. The speed of the north wind was 24 m/s at worst.

The pressure on the anchor chain was eased by using the main engine. The ballast had been lightened and in the high waves the propeller of the vessel became exposed at times, which caused the engine to race. This caused a blackout on the vessel. The vessel began to drift quickly towards the Sandbäck light. The situation became a distress and the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre reacted as if a distress signal had been sent.

Half of the crew was rescued by helicopter. Patrol vessels and a rescue tug arrived at the scene. An accident was avoided when the crew of IRAN SARBAZ managed to restart the engine. She lifted her anchors and sailed to Uusikaupunki on own propulsion power.

The focus of the investigation was on the fact that the crew of the vessel never sent a distress alert. Consequently, there was no distress traffic. If the distress situation had turned into an accident, the nature of the radio traffic would have resulted that the vessels nearby should have been unaware of the accident. Therefore, the investigation focused on observing the international Radio Regulations in practice.

C12/2001M Report (pdf, 0.22 Mt)

Published 18.2.2001