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Ratapihantie 9

tel. +358 2956 66870
e-mail: sia(at) and
first name.last name(at)

If you want to send confidential documents to Safety Investigation Authority, Finland, it is advised to do it using the Ministry of Justice secure e-mail system (https://[email protected] ). The service is easy and safe to use and free of charge.

Instruction for sending secure mail. [pdf, 555.7 kB]


Bieber Tiina, Head of Communications, tel. +358 295 150 714

Eklund Kaija, Investigation Assistant

Haapalainen Mari, Senior Officer

Haimila Risto, Chief Safety Investigator (Marine)

Harri Heikki, Senior Safety Investigator

Hänninen Hannu, Senior Safety Investigator

Kervinen Ilkka, Senior Safety Investigator (Marine), Data Protection Officer

Kokko Kurt, Executive Director

Kotiranta Janne, Chief Safety Investigator (Aviation)

Laatta Lasse, Chief Safety Investigator (Rail)

Lyyra Krista, Senior Safety Investigator (Social- and Healthcare)

Naskali Timo, Senior Safety Investigator

Posio Juho, Senior Safety Investigator (Aviation)

Sepponen Juha, Administrative Director

Tiirinki Hanna, Chief Safety Investigator (Social- and Healthcare)

Tikkanen Mikko, Senior Safety Investigator (Rail)

Vasarainen Heidi, Investigation Assistant

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Published 4.2.2014