C3/2008M M/S ANNE SIBUM, grounding near Tainio Lighthouse on 2 April 2008

On 2 April 2008 M/S ANNE SIBUM was on a voyage from the port of Kotka to Germany and at 13:53, south of Orrengrund, the pilot disembarked. After having landed the pilot the master handed over the con of the ship to the Officer of the Watch (OOW). The vessel continued on the course 237.5°. However, after the next turn it passed over a shoal at 60°14.255’N, 026°24.160’E and, at 13:58, ran aground. The vessel reduced speed, turned back to the fairway and continued its voyage as the crew began to assess the damage.

No leaks were detected and because, in spite of the damage, the manoeuvring equipment and the thrusters worked well enough, the master decided to continue the voyage. He notified the shipping company of the event. However, he failed to inform the Finnish authorities. While the location of the grounding is within the area of Kotka VTS, they did not notice the fact that the vessel had been outside the fairway.

The accident was caused by an error in navigation. Inadequate bridge team resource management can be considered as a contributing factor.

C3/2008M Report (pdf, 0.72 Mt)

Published 2.4.2008