C1/2008M M/S OOCL NEVSKIY, grounding south of Helsinki Pilot Station Harmaja on 27.2.2008

The M/S OOCL NEVSKIY started her voyage from Helsinki to Kotka at about 12.20 pm on 27 February 2008. The vessel was carrying 349 maritime containers. The pilot departed the vessel southwest of Helsinki Pilot Station Harmaja while she gave leeway by turning eastward in the prevailing southwesterly wind. Shortly after the pilot had departed the vessel, both the pilot and the VTS noticed that the vessel was heading towards the Uusimatala shoal. Warnings were issued and actions were taken to stop the vessel, but despite of these, the vessel ran aground at an approximate speed of seven knots.

The M/S OOCL NEVSKIY ran aground on the Uusimatala shallow. The bottom of the vessel was damaged, and there was a minor leakage in her ballast tanks. There was no oil leakage to the sea. The vessel was inspected by divers, and it was decided to delay the salvage operation until the oil recovery vessel HYLJE arrived at the scene.

The vessel was refloated from the shallow by tugs, and they assisted her back to West Harbour in Helsinki for a more thorough inspection and for reparation of the damages in the bottom of the vessel. The M/S OOCL NEVSKIY continued her voyage to Kotka the following evening.

The cause of the accident was human error in navigation.

C1/2008M Report (pdf, 0.93 Mt)

Published 27.2.2008