C8/2002M Coastal Passenger Ferry AIRISTO SUN (FIN), Grounding off Rauma on 28.7.2002

The passenger vessel M/S AIRISTO SUN got into a danger situation outside the port of Rauma while transporting the passengers to the tourist destinations according to the time table. The journey began from Syväraumanlahti to Kuuskajaskari at 18.15 in 28.7.2004 and no troubles were found during the first 15 minutes. Then the indicator of cooling water temperature in the engine began to alarm. Master stopped the engine according to the advice given on the phone by the ship-owner. Then he called via VHF-radiotelephone the coast guard station in Rauma at 18.35 o’clock. Master estimated that the vessel would probably drift in ten minutes aground and he told it to the coast guard patrol, and he had a wish that the patrol could get in time to give assistance.

By using the maximum speed the patrol came on scene at the same time when AIRISTO SUN hit aground the first time. The patrol boat began to tug AIRISTO SUN at 18.55. After 15 minutes tugging M/S AIRISTO STAR, another passenger vessel of the shipping company, came alongside AIRISTO SUN and the passengers proceeded via gangway from the damaged ship to the whole ship. They didn’t have any lifejackets on.

C8/2002M Report (pdf, 0.49 Mt)

Published 18.2.2002