M2014-E1 M/V Lady Hester (NL), ground touching and grounding in Ruotsinsalmi channel off Kotka on 5 December 2014

The dry bulk carrier M/V Lady Hester was on her way from the Port of Rauma to the Port of Halla in Kotka on 5.12.2014 when she touched ground at 06.40 and then ran aground in the Ruotsinsalmi channel off Kotka.

The Safety Investigation Authority of Finland initiated a preliminary investigation into the incident. In the preliminary investigation the sequence of events leading to the accident and its consequences were studied and the causes affecting the aforementioned were assessed. Safety investigation does not address factors related to responsibility or liability, but its objective is to improve general safety, to prevent dangerous situations and to prevent damages caused by accidents.

The report brings forth safety observations which are thought to improve general safety. The various parties involved have had an opportunity to comment upon the draft of the report.

M2014-E1 report of the preliminary investigation (pdf, 0.48 Mt)

Published 4.2.2015