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Investigation reports

A public investigation report is prepared on the safety investigation in the scope that is appropriate in view of the seriousness of the accident. When a safety investigation has been completed, the investigation report is published on the Safety Investigation Authority's website.

The investigation report includes an account of the course of events of the accident, the factors leading to the accident and its consequences, as well as safety recommendations addressed to the appropriate authorities and other instances regarding measures that are necessary in order to promote general safety, the prevention of further accidents and incidents, the prevention of loss and the improvement of the effectiveness of the operations of search and rescue and other authorities.

You can find all investigation reports on this site in electronic format.

Accident/incident categories

L - Aviation accidents and incidents
R - Rail accidents and incidents
M - Marine accidents and incidents
Y - Other accidents and incidents
S - Safety study

Investigation identifier

Each investigation is designated by an identifier that consists of three parts, such as L2012-09.

- The first part refers the accident category (L, R, M, Y or S).

- The second part refers to the year of the accident.

- The third part is a sequence number referring to the order of the accident within its accident category in the year in question

Published 18.12.2013