Accident at Tampere-Pirkkala airport on 31 July 2019 - Safety recommendation issued due to a threat of an accident during investigation

Published 7.11.2019

In accordance with paragraph 25 of the Safety Investigation Act of Finland (525/2011) and pursuant to Article 17(1) of Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 on the investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation, the Safety Investigation Authority issues a safety recommendation during an ongoing investigation concerning modifications on the Evektor- Aerotechnik EV97 Eurostar ultralight airplane.

The Safety Investigation Authority recommends that

The Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic (LAA CR) prepare a mandatory service bulletin for a modification on Evektor-Aerotechnik EV97 Eurostar airplanes to prevent the pilots from unintentionally depressing the adjacent rudder pedals.

Link to safety recommendation:

Safety Recommendation L2019-05 (pdf, 0.2 Mt)

Additional information: Janne Kotiranta, Chief Air Safety Investigator,, tel. +358 2951 50703