Preliminary investigation is under way of passenger aircraft overrunning the runway at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on 11 July 2017

Published 14.7.2017

Immediately after the incident, the Safety Investigation Authority, Finland (SIAF) began a preliminary investigation of a passenger aircraft, operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle, overrunning a runway at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on 11 July 2017.

To safeguard the conditions of an investigation, SIAF can begin a preliminary investigation before a decision is taken to begin an investigation proper. The decision on whether or not to begin an actual investigation depends on the preliminary investigation.

In the preliminary investigation, SIAF is, for example, gathering information on the incident, such as the runway and weather conditions; interviewing the pilots and, if necessary, other participants; and analysing the information in the flight recorders i.e. the black boxes. There are two black boxes: a cockpit voice recorder and a flight data recorder.

In accordance with the normal operating model and international aviation regulations, the Safety Investigation Authority, Finland has reported the incident to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the EU Commission, the Norwegian (AIBN) and the United States (NTSB) safety investigation authorities, and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi). In this case, the incident was reported to the United States because the designer and manufacturer of the aircraft is the American company, Boeing, and to Norway because the airline is Norwegian and the aircraft is registered there.

In principle, in the case of aviation incidents investigative responsibility lies with the country in which the incident occurred, which also leads the investigation. Other parties involved in the incident, such as the safety investigation authorities of other countries, also have the right to participate in the investigation. As a rule, one safety investigation is performed for each incident or accident.

The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland last investigated incidents in which aircraft overran the runway at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in 2012 and Lappeenranta Airport in 2008.

The preliminary investigation by SIAF will continue with actions including the recovery and analysis of data from the black boxes. The preliminary investigation will take several weeks.

Further information:
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