C9/2002M RoRo-alus ms FINNMERCHANT (FIN) ja troolari EATON (DK), yhteentörmäys Pohjanmerellä 12.8.2002 (Tanskan ja Suomen yhteistyö, raportti englanniksi)

Tutkinta on tehty Tanskan ja Suomen yhteistyönä. Raportti on saatavissa vain englanniksi.


The Finnish flagged roro cargo vessel FINNMERCHANT was on her way from Helsinki, Finland to Felixstowe U.K. on August 12, 2002. She collided with a Danish fishing vessel EATON on West coast of Jutland. EATON sank soon after the collision but her crew of three persons got to an inflatable life raft and were rescued by fishing vessel AULIS.

The investigation report was written to improve safety and prevent new accidents. The report does not address the possible responsibility or liability caused by the accident. The investigation report should not be used for purposes other than the improvement of safety.

C9/2002M Tutkintaselostus (pdf, 0.3 Mt)

Julkaistu 12.8.2002