D8/2011M M/S ALWIS (ATG), fall of able seaman in a hoisting cage into the cargo hold in the Port of Pori, Finland on 10 December 2011

Onboard M/S ALWIS the crew was shifting a movable atwartships bulkhead to another position in the cargo hold in order to separate different cargo grades that were to be loaded onboard. In order to seal the wall, foam was sprayed in to the side joints. The work was done from a hoisting cage which was attached into a hatch cover gantry crane. The hoisting chain broke off and the cage fell with AB in it some 6,5 meters into the bottom of the hold. The AB got serious injuries.

In the investigation the hoisting device was inspected by authorized specialist. It was found out that the hoisting device was inappropriate for person’s lifting. According the Finnish legislation, it should have been under prohibition of operation.

Conclusion of the investigation

This report has been compiled on the basis of the results from the preliminary investigation. The sequence of events leading to the fall of the hoisting cage into the cargo hold of M/S ALWIS has been studied and the probable causes have been assessed in the preliminary investigation. This accident has been classified as a less serious casualty according to the IMO’s accident classification.

The Safety Investigation Authority has decided that this preliminary investigation has been completed and a further investigation will not be carried out.

D8/2011M Report (pdf, 0.84 Mt)

Published 21.11.2012