B2/2008M Fishing vessel MASI, FIN 219-V, drowning of a fisherman on 5 November 2008 in Hanö Bay, Sweden

The Finnish fishing vessel MASI was fishing in the southern Baltic Sea off its "home port" of Nogersund. On the 5th of November 2008, the vessel was manned by the skipper, who also was the owner of the vessel, assisted by a deck hand/fisherman. Both were Finnish citizens. The deck man was on the aft deck lowering nets, while the skipper was in the cab. Suddenly, the deck man called out, "stop, stop, help". The skipper switched off the engine and turned to look towards the aft. He saw the deck hand being pulled over the railing into the sea. The skipper came to the aft and tried to help the man up, but he was entangled in the net. The combined weight of the net and the man were too much for the skipper to succeed in pulling the man up. The skipper went to reverse the vessel and tried to help the deck hand up, but he only got more entangled in the net, and no longer showed vital signs. The skipper tied the net to the railing, ran to the VHF radio and made an emergency call, giving the position of the vessel. The Danish Lyngby Radio responded, and the skipper reported what had happened. After this, he tied a buoy to the net. Some thirty minutes later, the fishing vessel ANN-MARIE came to the scene, pulled the net buoy into the vessel and winched the net up. The deck hand surfaced with the net, but lifting him into the vessel failed; he slid out of the net and sank. The body has not been found.

The cause of the accident was inadequate manning of the vessel, inadequate occupational safety equipment and poor weather conditions.

The investigator recommends more effective safety monitoring of fishing vessels.

B2/2008M Report (pdf, 1.87 Mt)

Published 5.11.2008