S3/2004M Factors contributing to fatigue and its frequency in bridge work

In accidents suffered by modern vessels investigated by the Accident Investigation Board, it was detected that, in a significant number thereof, fatigue had contributed to the alertness of the navigating personnel. When analysing the events, there were signs that indicated that work shift arrangements had affected the problem detected. The Accident Investigation Board sent a questionnaire to Finnish officers in order to establish the effects of different factors.

A very representative reply was obtained to the questionnaire, and the analysis produced results which describe the problem well. The questionnaire consisted of two parts: coded questions and open questions. The results from both parts led to the issuing of recommendations. The recommendations paid attention to an unprejudiced consideration of work-time arrangements, attending to adequate rest periods, observance of the strain of port work, development of the job description of the lookout, detection and reporting of symptoms of fatigue, the quality of the nourishment of the watch personnel as well as the air quality on the bridge.

As a whole, the study gave a picture of responsible and safety-oriented bridge personnel.

S3/2004M Report (pdf, 1.38 Mt)

Published 17.6.2004