C7/2003M Water Bus KAROLINA, Grounding and Engine Failure in Houtskär Archipelago on 14.6.2003

KAROLINA was on her way from Näsby, Houtskär to Äpplö island, when at 3:40 p.m. she grounded on a islet at Ramsö area. The vessel upsurged on to the rocky islet. The master made attempts to re float her by using the main engine without success. With his mobile phone master called a local taxi boat to assist him. When the attempt with taxi boat’s help was found unsuccessful the local fire brigade was called on site. The fire brigade patrol boat towed KAROLINA off the islet and the master continued his trip after making a visual inspection for possible leaks.

Some five hours later, just after midnight, the master sailed to Houtskär island to pick up some passengers according the contract he had made. After the passengers boarded KAROLINA proceeded from Näsby to Bockholm. When passing Kalvholm an alarm signal sounded and soon after this the engine stopped and did not start again. The vessel was anchored and the master called with his mobile phone the fire brigade patrol boat. KAROLINA was towed to Roslax pier and the passengers arranged their travel to their home islands by themselves.

There were no personal injuries and the damages to the vessels hull were minor. The engine was a total loss and had to be replaced by a new one.

C7/2003M Report (pdf, 0.61 Mt)

Published 18.2.2003