C1/2003M Trawler BRIAN KENT, Incident at an Ice Floe off Pori on 5.2.2003

On 5.2.2003, a steel trawler BRIAN KENT from Pori, Finland, crashed into an ice floe at a distance of about 35 nautical miles northwest of Reposaari. As a result of the incident, the bow of the trawler was damaged and the collision bulkhead behind the fore peak retracted and partly came loose from the coaming. The fore peak and the fore hold behind the collision bulkhead were entirely covered by water.

The crew of BRIAN KENT notified the incident to the West Coast VTS Centre which again advised MRCC Turku of the situation.

MRCC Turku sent a pilot cutter from Pori Pilot Station to the scene of the incident. Also Coast guard personnel from Pori Coast Guard Station boarded the pilot cutter. BRIAN KENT was hence escorted by the pilot cutter to Reposaari harbour.

The corresponding investigation conducted disclosed that the frames in the fore peak of BRIAN KENT failed to be appropriately fixed in the keel. In fact some frames ended at a distance of several hundreds of millimetres before the keel. As a result, the bow construction was weak.
BRIAN KENT had sailed under the Danish flag over the major part of her service life. The relevant Danish maritime authorities were enquired any such repairs eventually had been made in the bow area of the vessel that had required a cutting of the frames. No registered indications of such repairs were found. Considering the advanced state of corrosion displayed by the frames, they necessarily have to have featured this shortcoming already over a very long time. This structural defect had failed to be discovered in the regular inspections of the vessel. Actually as judging by the state of corrosion of the bolts of the manhole that opens to the fore peak, it is quite possible that in connection with the inspections carried out, the manhole had never been opened.

C1/2003M Report (pdf, 0.62 Mt)

Published 18.2.2003