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C4/1999M Charter Boat WHITE ROSE, Grounding near-by Heinola on 12.8.1999

The charter boat WHITE ROSE with Lahti as its port of registry, grounded on August 12, 1999 shortly after 18.00 hours nearby Heinola on Ruotsalainen open lake about one sea mile north-east of Tähtihovi bridge. In addition to her skipper, WHITE ROSE had sixteen passengers aboard. The rock on which ms WHITE ROSE grounded is called Teitinkari.

In the grounding, one passenger who was sitting on the afterdeck slipped over the railing and plunged into the water. He first started to swim away from the vessel fearing that it might turn over and hit him. Then he swam to the stern of the vessel, and with the help of other passengers, reached the footbridge on the water level and managed to board the vessel. His body was cov-ered with bruises. Some other passengers also got bruises.

Having grounded, WHITE ROSE got a port list. The skipper called the emergency telephone number of the police. The police called the Heinola fire brigade. Having called the police, the skipper fired a red emergency rocket.

Soon after the firing of the rocket, a fishing boat in the vicinity arrived at the scene of the incident and took three WHITE ROSE passengers along with it ashore. One of the three was the person having slipped over the railing into the water. The first boat of the fire brigade arrived at the scene of the incident at 18.11 hours and the second at 18.12 hours. Also the rescue boat JYRÄNKÖ of the local Lake Guard, as well as a number of private boats arrived at the scene of the incident.

WHITE ROSE was refloated and towed by the boat of the fire brigade to the pier of the fire brigade. She was sailed later to her own pier. The vessel had no leaks. Only paint had scraped off the keel on a surface length of about 2 meters, and the deepest grooves generated by the grounding measured about 5 mm.

C4/1999M Report (pdf, 0.53 Mt)

Published 13.5.1999