C4/2008R Derailment of a tank wagon during shunting work in Ykspihlaja, Kokkola, Finland, on 15 May 2008

On Thursday 15 May 2008 at 5.28 p.m., one tank wagon carrying a sulphuric acid consignment was derailed in Ykspihlaja in Kokkola. After the shunting unit started pulling the wagons, the last bogie of the second last wagon carrying sulphuric acid moved onto the wrong track. Three wagons incurred damage as a result of the derailment. The track and the turnout were also damaged in the derailment area. The derailment did not cause disorder to the other train traffic.

The cause of the incident was forcing open the turnout when shunting wagons. The opened forced turnout switched to its initial position while pulling underneath the wagon and the wagon’s other bogie were directed onto the other track. The wagon derailed as a result of directed to two tracks. When shunting the wagons, the lookout was not conducted in sufficient way.

The Accident Investigation Board of Finland is not issuing new recommendations as a result of the incident, but reminds operators that a lookout should be placed on the steps of the last wagon when several wagons are being shunted, if the wagon allows for this. If it is not possible to place a lookout on the wagon, the lookout should walk alongside the wagons as they are being shunted ahead.

C4/2008R Report (pdf, 0.78 Mt)

Published 15.5.2008