C3/2008R Collision of a shunting unit and a forklift truck on the Syväsatama port track in Joensuu, Finland, on 30 April 2008

On Wednesday 30 April 2008 at 7.04 a.m., a shunting unit collided with a heavy forklift truck on Joensuu’s Syväsatama port track 183. The shunting foreman was seriously injured. One of the freight wagons incurred minor damage and the forklift truck was badly damaged.

The accident occurred because the forklift driver did not observe the approaching shunting unit before turning or when turning to cross the track. The driver noticed the shunting unit only upon the collision. In order to fulfil his lookout duty, the shunting foreman was standing on the buffer step on the right side of the first wagon in the direction of travel, which contributed to the injury. He was unable to stand on the corner step because of a high loading platform on the right side of the track.

In order to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that storage containers should be placed further away from the track so that they do not impede visibility. No other recommendations have been issued because actions have been taken to improve port safety with the installation of warning lights indicating that a shunting unit is moving along the tracks. In addition, the loading platform next to the track should be dismantled if it is no longer in use.

C3/2008R Report (pdf, 1.12 Mt)

•Recommendation S253

Published 30.4.2008