C1/2008R Derailment of five shunting unit wagons in the Heikkilä railway yard in Turku, Finland, on 8 February 2008

On 8 February 2008 at 9.53 a.m., three Russian tank wagons and two Russian covered wagons were derailed during shunting in the Heikkilä railway yard in Turku. The track was damaged for about 70 metres.

The direct cause of the occurrence was that the track, which was in poor condition and fastened by rail spikes, gave way under the heavy tank wagons. In addition, the dry, non-greased bogie pivots of the wagons placed additional pressure on the track curve.

In order to prevent similar occurrences, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that a 20 km/h speed limit be set for wagons transporting dangerous goods on spike-fastened secondary tracks. In addition, track and railway yard condition monitoring and rail fastening work should place special emphasis on routes and tracks used for the transport of dangerous goods.

C1/2008R Report (pdf, 0.97 Mt)

•Recommendation S245

•Recommendation S246

Published 8.2.2008