C6/2007R Tank wagon loaded with nitric acid tipped over in Siilinjärvi, Finland, on 4 August 2007.

At Kemira GrowHow Oyj railway yard an accident occurred on Saturday 4.8.2007 at 6.24 am, where a tank wagon loaded with nitric acid collided with a derailer, causing the wagon to derail and tip over. The following wagon also derailed. It stayed upright. The total cost of the accident was less than 50 000 euros.

The reason for the accident was that the derailer was not removed before shunting of the wagons and that the derailer that had been left on was not noticed in time. The shunting foreman gave order to shunt without securing the route first.

To avoid similar accidents, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that the right operation of derailers should always be secured so that false operation and leaving the derailer on rail could not be possible. On railway yards, where dangerous goods are handled, should always have dependence between the derailer and the turnout that leads to the rail.

C6/2007R Report (pdf, 0.98 Mt)

•Recommendation S247

Published 4.8.2007