C4/2006R Collision of a shunting unit and a lorry at the level crossing in Sörnäinen on 15 December 2006

On Friday 15 December 2006, a lorry and a shunting unit collided on the unguarded level crossing in front of the harbour gates in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. The shunting unit controller was seriously injured in the accident.

The accident was the result of the lorry driver not paying enough attention at the level crossing. That the shunting unit was to the right of the lorry driver, who was not familiar with Sörnäinen harbour, may have been a contributing factor to the accident.

The Accident Investigation Board finds no reason to issue new recommendations as a result of this accident. However, the Accident Investigation Board points out that the necessity of having the level crossing in front of the gates to the harbour in Sörnäinen should be investigated, and consideration should be given to replacing it with one further north.

C4/2006R Report (pdf, 0.42 Mt)

Published 15.12.2006