C2/2005R Collision of passenger train, shunted to the departure track, with a rail barrier at Helsinki station on 20 April 2005

In Helsinki on 20 April 2005 at 16.04, while being shunted to its departure track, passenger train 171 collided with a rail barrier, broke it and, having mounted it, continued for a further six metres towards the end platform.

The collision caused no personal injuries. The rail barrier and the collision car was damaged and the departure of the train was cancelled due to the inspection of the cars.

The cause of the accident was that there was some kind of black spot in radio audibility, which prevented the locomotive driver from hearing the instructions given by the conductor on the escort radio, causing the train’s situational speed to remain too high and braking to occur too late.

Since similar accidents have previously occurred at Helsinki Central Railway Station, the Accident Investigation Board recommends that the operation of escort radios at Helsinki Central Railway Station be examined to identify any black spots in radio audibility and any external interference. On the basis of these inspection results, an implementation solution should be elaborated to guarantee secure audibility.

C2/2005R Report (pdf, 1.14 Mt)

•Recommendation S223

Published 20.4.2005