C8/2004R Shunting unit and reach truck colliding in Helsinki West Port on 29 June, 2004

On Tuesday June 29, 2004 at 14.30 hrs an accident took place in Helsinki West Port when a reach truck proceeded between the containers and arrived in front of the locomotive of a shunting unit. The locomotive bumped into the flank of the reach truck that advanced to the rails. At the time of the accident the speed of the shunting unit was 21 km/h and the speed of the reach truck, 20 km/h. In the accident the engine driver was seriously injured. The reach truck involved in the accident was damaged as well as the Dv15-type diesel-hydraulic locomotive. The total costs generated by the accident amounted to about €28,380.

The immediate cause of the accident was the driving of the reach truck to the rails from between the containers. As there were containers piled by the rails, the reach truck driver was unable to perceive the approaching train.

The Accident Investigation Board of Finland gives no new relevant recommendations, the intention being that the rails will no more be accessible from between the containers by the rails and that the track area will no more be used for container arrangement procedures. The Accident Investigation Board of Finland underscores that corresponding preventive actions should be considered by other ports in Finland, as well, so as to prohibit a simultaneous utilization of the same areas by work machines and railway vehicles.

C8/2004R Report (pdf, 0.3 Mt)

Published 29.6.2004