C5/2004R Front wheelset of locomotive derailing in Kokkola on 12 May, 2004

On May 12, 2004, an incident took place on Kokkola railway yard when the front wheelset of a locomotive derailed. The incident did not involve any personal injury and the damage suffered by the track and the rolling stock was relatively modest. The wheelset derailed while the locomotive was pushing an open freight wagon that was loaded with an empty chlorine container.

The wheelset of the locomotive derailed as caused by an excessive height deviation in the turnout.

The Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that following each derailment incident on a railway yard, the turnouts and points and switches area should be inspected and the gauge and the height deviation checked by measuring. As based on the measurement results, any requisite local corrections should be effected.

C5/2004R Report (pdf, 0.23 Mt)

•Recommendation S195

Published 12.5.2004