C2/2003R Passenger car derailing at Kemi station on 7 February, 2003

A passenger car in train M81 travelling from Helsinki toward Rovaniemi via Kuopio and Oulu, derailed at Kemi station, Finland, on February 7, 2003. When the passenger train was approaching Kemi station, the trailing bogie of the conductor’s van – being the last car of the train – turned to a different track from the rest of the train. As a result, the car bumped into a wire-laying unit and derailed.

No personal injury was caused by the incident. The body-shell and the anti-skid device of the conductor’s van were damaged. In the derailment, also the draw hook of the car was damaged and bent. Moreover the screw coupler detached. But no damage was disclosed in the wire-laying unit.

The derailment of the car was most probably caused by the turnout point having turned by itself or having been operated, under the car. The turnout and the car wheels failing to display any evidence of the wheels having crossed the turnout blades, the turnout point necessarily had to open to track 4 while the rear bogie passed it, instead of opening to track 2 where the rest of the train travelled.

C2/2003R Report (pdf, 0.25 Mt)

Published 7.2.2003