C7/2002R Shunting unit colliding with loaded wagons carrying dangerous goods, in port of Hamina on 20 August, 2002

On Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 23.00 hrs, an incident occurred in Port of Hamina, Finland, when a shunting unit was pushing freight wagons which turned to the wrong track and collided with the wagons that were standing on the track. As a result of the collision, the wagons standing on the track moved so as to trail the points on the other end of the track. Some styrene and neonole splashed from the wagons through the upper hatches, sprinkling thus the wagons.

The collision was caused by an erroneous turnout signal aspect. Actually the fixing screw of the signal plate had come loose and the plate failed to turn along with the points operation. The turnout aspect thus displayed the point as opening to the direct track, though the turnout had been operated so as to open to the wrong direction, that is, to a deviation.

In order to prevent incidents caused by such circumstances, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that the fixing of the signal plates of the type referred to, in the point-lever, should be ensured that the signal plate in fact displays the real position of the point-lever.

C7/2002R Report (pdf, 0.29 Mt)

•Recommendation S184

Published 20.8.2002