C10/2002R Diesel oil wagons pushed by locomotive collide with butane carrying wagon at Sköldvik on 1 October, 2002

On Tuesday 1 October 2002 at 14.15 hrs an accident took place on Sköldvik railway yard: a shunting locomotive was pushing three diesel oil wagons when the first wagon bumped into the flank of a Russian butane-carrying tank wagon standing on the turnout and points area of the adjacent track. The butane-gas wagon tilted and remained leaning against the flank of a tank of the oil wagon.

The accident resulted in no personal injury or leaks in the tanks of the wagons. Two tank wagons were damaged in the accident, and the hook-clamb of the point-lever and one turnout blade suffered slight damage. The total costs generated by the accident amounted to about € 33 500.

The accident was caused by the wrong position of the V024 turnout considering the travelling direction of the shunting work unit.

The Accident Investigation Board of Finland reiterates its recommendation contained in the investigation reports on corresponding accidents at Sköldvik on 24 November 1998 and 1 March 1999: ”The points and turnouts on Sköldvik railway yard should be renewed for electric operation and equipped with position-control contacts or in any case with a safety lock.”

C10/2002R Report (pdf, 0.39 Mt)

•Recommendation S112

Published 1.10.2002