C1/2001R Locomotives colliding with passenger coaches at Ilmala on 6 January, 2001

On Saturday, January 6, 2001, two electric locomotives in multiple running collided with Russian passenger coaches at stand-still on a holding siding at Ilmala, Finland. The locomotives were line locomotives coming to fetch the coaches on the holding siding. In the collision three train crew members were seriously injured and three coaches and the locomotives were damaged. One of the coaches had to be hauled empty to Moscow, with its passengers transported in other coaches. After due inspections and replacement of the locomotives, the train left Helsinki 35 minutes late.

The accident was a result of the driver driving the locomotives (2 Sr1 locos) from the second driver's cabin by using the mirrors for viewing. He therefore failed to perceive the coaches in time.

The Accident Investigation Board of Finland reiterates its S24 recommendation given in connection with its report C1/1996R: "Locomotives to be moved on railway yards should be driven from the first driver's cabin or else a corresponding viewing function should be adopted." To implement the recommendation, traffic instructions specifying the above recommendation as mandatory, should be drawn up for Helsinki Depot Area.

C1/2001R Report (pdf, 0.46 Mt)

•Recommendation S24

Published 6.1.2001