C7/2000R Train crew member injured in shunting work at Rauma on 28 August, 2000

On Monday August 28, 2000 at 9.46 a.m. a train crew member was injured in shunting work at UPM-Kymmene plant area at Rauma. Standing on the braker's step, the worker in question rolled an empty tank wagon along a sloping track beyond a turnout. Simultaneously the shunting locomotive having left the empty wagon on the track was now returning from the adjacent track where it had left a loaded wagon. When moving, the locomotive and the wagon hit each other in the flanks and the worker was squeezed between them.

The accident was a result of slippery rails and the practice of an established working method. As due to damp peat accumulated on the rails, they were slippery and in spite of the braking, the locomotive failed to come to a stop. The uncoupling of the locomotive from the loaded wagon was carried out by implementation of an established regular working method: it took place simultaneously with the empty wagon being released from the adjacent track and rolling towards the other side of the locomotive and the turnout.

The Accident Investigation Board of Finland does not consider it reasonable to give any new recommendations on the basis of this accident, as after the accident corresponding special instructions have been drawn up for shunting of sulphur dioxide wagons at Rauma. The instructions specify that the locomotive having pushed the loaded wagon to the unloading site may only be uncoupled from the wagon when the empty wagon has passed the turnout and the turnout has been turned for the locomotive.

Nevertheless the Accident Investigation Board of Finland proposes that in connection with any reconditioning or maintenance of UPM-Kymmene's industrial tracks, the safety conditions at the unloading site of sulphur dioxide wagons be improved or the unloading site be removed to a safer location.

C7/2000R Report (pdf, 0.57 Mt)

Published 28.8.2000