C7/1999R Timber cargo wagons derailing at Multamäki, on May 4, 1999

Tuesday night, on 4 May 1999, a train accident took place at Multamäki, Valkeala: two timber-cargo wagons of a freight train travelling from Ristiina to Kouvola derailed. Both derailed wagons, about 9.5km of track, a signal, and an electric railway pole were damaged. In addition a trap siding in the southern part of Multamäki railway yard and the centre platform of several level crossings were damaged. Total costs of the accident were over 2,1 million FIM.

South of Selänpää station, the left bearing of the rear wheelset of the 13th wagon of the train stuck, and as a result the red-heated axle broke. Then the left wheel of the wheelset crossed over the rail and pursued its travelling by the track. South of Multamäki the right front wheel of the wagon crossed over the rail and made the wagon derail onto the right side of the track. Also the following wagon derailed over to the left side of the track. The brake conduit broke, which made the train brakes switch on and stop the train.

The immediate cause of the accident was the damaging of the left bearings of the rear wheelset of the Hkb general-purpose open wagon, which was the first wagon to derail.

C7/1999R Report (pdf, 0.32 Mt)

Published 4.5.1999