C3/1999R Tank wagons derailing at Sköldvik on March 1, 1999

On 1 March 1999, Monday evening, a train accident occurred on Sköldvik railway yard. In the accident two gasoline carrying tank wagons derailed in a turnout. The derailed wagons hit the last wagon of a group of wagons standing on the adjacent track. The wagon hit carried a phtalicanhydride load. The first derailed wagon was only slightly damaged, whereas the flank of the tank in the second derailed wagon was crushed when it collided with the standing wagon. The phtalicanhydride carrying wagon was detached from its bogies and it turned over landing by the track. No leaks were discovered in the tanks.

After the accident the fire brigade earthed the catenary and foamed the area. The content of the derailed gasoline carrying wagons was pumped into other wagons, whereupon the removal of the wagons was started.

The accident was caused by the fact that though the train had been given an exit permission, the V014 turnout had failed to be turned to the corresponding position required by the running route.

Accident Investigation Board Finland reiterates its recommendation formulated in the Investigation Report on a corresponding accident at Sköldvik on 24 November 1998, i.e. the V014 turnout on Sköldvik railway yard and any other turnouts used in corresponding tasks are recommended to be modified for electrical operation and equipped with position control contacts or at least a safety lock.

C3/1999R Report (pdf, 0.35 Mt)

•Recommendation S112

Published 1.3.1999