C14/1999R Tank wagon derailing in Hamina port, on 19 September, 1999

On Sunday 19 September 1999 a tank wagon carrying methanol derailed on a right-turning curve on a track in Hamina Oil Port. In the accident no damage was generated to railway rolling stock and no personal injury was suffered. A 90 cm long piece of rail broke off the track and a wheel of the derailed wagon cut one sleeper.

The accident was caused by a rupture in the rail head along the rail in the inner-curve side of the track; as a result of this crack, the rail head broke under the locomotive. The protection wagon travelled on the rail shank over and past the damaged section of line. A wheel of the tank wagon cut the rail and then the wagon derailed.

In order to prevent corresponding rail ruptures and resulting accidents in the future, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that the rail inspection methods implemented be developed so as to permit a sufficiently early detection of a vertical rupture along the track, as well.

C14/1999R Report (pdf, 0.55 Mt)

•Recommendation S138

Published 19.9.1999