C11/1999R Train crew member injured in shunting work on Mussalo railway yard in Kotka, on September 9, 1999

On Thursday, 9 September 1999, a train crew member travelling in the driver's cabin of a shunting locomotive was injured when the locomotive collided with wagons on Mussalo railway yard in Kotka. The train crew member dashed against the panel and his humerus (shoulder bone) broke. The locomotive was damaged in the collision.

The accident was caused by the engine driver running at too high a speed with consideration to the prevailing circumstances. The braking executed at the very last moment failed to stop the locomotive in time.

In order to remedy certain defects discovered in connection with the investigation of the accident, Accident Investigation Board Finland recommends that the locomotives of the Dr14 series be equipped with a better running recorder and that the equipment located in the cabin be fixed solidly enough so as to remain in place in case of a crash.

Accident Investigation Board furthermore suggests that a study be conducted on a possible extension of the viewing obligation to cover all persons moving within the driver's cabin of a shunting engine.

C11/1999R Report (pdf, 0.24 Mt)

  • Recommendation S123
  • Recommendation S124

Published 9.9.1999