C10/1999R Two railgoing lorries colliding at Korkeakoski, on August 18, 1999

On Wednesday, 18 August 1999, two railgoing lorries collided north of Korkeakoski station on the Orivesi-Vilppula section of line. All five persons in the lorries were injured. One of the railgoing lorries and one wagon were wrecked. The direct costs of the accident amounted to about FIM 65 000.

When a freight train had left Vilppula and was heading towards Korkeakoski, a track occupancy was made for a railgoing lorry Tka 155. A safety distance of five kilometres separated the trainfrom the lorry which then set off. When both the freight train and the railgoing lorry had passed Pirttikangas unmanned station, another railgoing lorry Tka 233 - having waited there - was given permission to follow the railgoing lorry travelling behind the freight train. The freight train stopped north of Korkeakoski to wait for a permission to pass Korkeakoski. Then the railgoing lorry following the train also stopped in a curve and started to slowly reverse away from the alarm area of the level crossing. The driver of the second railgoing lorry failed to see in time the lorry in the curve, and bumped into its rear. In the collision an empty wagon was also crashed between the two colliding railgoing lorries.

The accident was caused by an exceptional practice having been adopted for the running of rail-going lorries on this particular section of line, contrary to the Train Safety Regulation. In fact it had become customary to allow one work unit or even several units to start off following a train, whereupon the drivers of the lorries assume all responsibilities for the movements of their vehicles. Such work units running on the train dispatching section or on a part thereof are not adequately advised of the incidents on the section, e.g. occupancies succeeding a passing train.

In order to prevent corresponding accidents in the future, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that the regulations governing track-work-machine movements be clarified and that the range of audibility of the line radio be improved.

C10/1999R Report (pdf, 0.39 Mt)

  • Recommendation S55
  • Recommendation S121

Published 18.8.1999