C6/1998R Hazardous situation in train traffic between Hyvinkää and Jokela, on April 24, 1998

On 24 April 1998 a hazardous situation was generated in train traffic between Hyvinkää and Jokela when remote controller directed a freight train to an occupied section. On this section a level crossing construction was being dismantled; the train travelled through the site. The hazardous situation caused no rolling stock damage or personal injury.

The incident was a result of the track supervisor having an erroneous conception of the location of the site. He had in fact drawn up a "Track work" notice concerning the project. The notice stated that the site was located between the Palopuro reverse point and Hyvinkää at 52 + 900 kilometres. The kilometre data were actually correct whereas the site was in reality located south of the reverse point, that is at Jokela.

In order to prevent corresponding hazardous situations and possible accidents, Accident Investigation Board Finland recommends that the responsible persons be communicated detailed data on the location of the reverse points and that short-circuit conductors be introduced in work sites, for the isolation and occupancy of the track section in question.

C6/1998R Report (pdf, 0.26 Mt)

  • Recommendation S118
  • Recommendation S119

Published 24.4.1998