C7/1997R Trial train and a freight train colliding at Hyvinkää, on February 19, 1997

On Wednesday, February 19, 1997, a trial train consisting of three locomotives and six passenger coaches, having left VR Hyvinkää Workshop, and a freight train consisting of twenty-seven freight cars and pushed by two locomotives (i.e. a shunting work unit), having left Hyvinkää railway station, collided on a siding between Hyvinkää railway station and Workshop. The running of the freight train was controlled by a train guard in the first freight car. Seven wagons derailed, three of which suffered damage. The resulting economic loss amounted to nearly FIM 200,000.

All traffic on the track referred to was interrupted for nine hours.

The accident was caused by the engine driver of the trial train having started off before he had received a departure permission from the remote control operator. The collision was further rendered probable as, due to forest vegetation along the curve of the track, both the driver of the trial train and the freight train guard failed to see the meeting train, in time.

In view of a prevention of corresponding accidents in the future, the Accident Investigation Board Finland recommends, e.g. a clearer specification and division of the tasks in trial runs and a cutting down of the forest vegetation in the inner curve, which presently features a viewing obstacle. The Accident Investigation Board also recommends that a light signal be installed to control traffic from the Workshop, as well.

C7/1997R Report (pdf, 0.29 Mt)

  • Recommendation S62
  • Recommendation S63
  • Recommendation S64

Published 19.2.1997