C5/1997R Train guided to wrong track at Imatra, on February 15, 1997

On Saturday, February 15, 1997, a passenger train travelling from Joensuu towards Helsinki was guided to a wrong track to Imatra freight yard, whereas it should have run on the main line to Imatra passenger station.

Having realized that the train took the wrong track, the engine driver stopped the train. No personal injury or equipment damage were caused by the incident.

The train was guided to a wrong track as a result of an early turning of the point by the pointsman.

To prevent an early turning of a point, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that such a point locking mechanism be adopted, featuring the insulated part first having to be engaged and thereafter disengaged, before the locking of the locked point can be cancelled and the point turned.

C5/1997R Report (pdf, 0.13 Mt)

•Recommendation S73

Published 15.2.1997