C32/1997R A reverse running train colliding with passenger coaches at Ilmala, on September 20, 1997

On Saturday, September 20, 1997, an accident on Ilmala shunting yard in Helsinki resulted in a train hostess being injured. A fast train from Iisalmi was being moved by a convoy unit to Ilmala coach depot where it bumped into standing coaches. At the time of the accident the speed of the train was about 17km/h. In the fourth car of the trainset at stand-still, the train hostess was making preparations for the coming journey. In the collision the train hostess fell and was hit by the cash register. Cars and coaches of the colliding train were damaged. The resulting financial loss amounted to about FIM 1,7 million.

The accident was caused by the engine driver failing to hear the advice by the convoy conductor of the standing coaches, and therefore failing to stop the train on time. Both the conductor and the engine driver were aware of the fact that most of the time there were standing coaches on Ilmala marshalling yard.

In order to improve safety, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends an emergency brake to be installed in the rear-end entrance in passenger cars in view of convoy operations, and a checking of the mountings in the restaurant car, e.g. the cash register mounting.

C32/1997R Report (pdf, 0.38 Mt)

  • Recommendation S89
  • Recommendation S90
Published 20.9.1997