C31/1997R Hazardous situation on bridge painting site in Hämeenlinna, on August 28, 1997

On Thursday, August 28, 1997, a freight train locomotive rolling to a dead track was close to hitting a work crew sandblasting a bridge crossing the railway yard in Hämeenlinna. The sandblaster was above the track in a cage carried by the crane beams of a reach truck. At the very last moment the driver of the reach truck managed to reverse the reach truck from the track, and as a result no damage occurred.

The hazardous situation was generated by the person responsible for the sandblasting work giving the crew permission to start work before it had been agreed on with the train dispatcher. The track work advice concerning the work and the requisite voltage supply interruption had been carried out in conformity with the relevant instructions.

In order to avoid such hazardous situations and possible accidents in the future, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that particularly in work by outside contractors, the qualifications for the persons responsible for the corresponding train safety be revised in detail.

C31/1997R Report (pdf, 0.21 Mt)

Published 28.8.1997