C29/1997R Derailment of work machine at Saunakallio, on August 27, 1997

On Wednesday, August 27, 1997, an electric-railway work and inspection machine of type Ttv, travelling by its own engine power, derailed at a turnout at Saunakallio, north of Järvenpää. No personal injury occurred. The resulting damage in the machine and the track structures was minor.

The derailment of the electric-railway work and inspection machine (Ttv) was caused by the machine driver failing to stop before the turnout, which was locked in a closed position. The driver assumed that he had a free route all the way to track 3 at Järvenpää station. The day before, the fitters at the Electrical Installation Centre had turned and locked the turnout in a position leading to a straight track (closed position in relation to the running direction of the Ttv machine), but they had failed to return the turnout to its neutral position, i.e. the position leading to the diverted track. They had also failed to notify Järvenpää dispatcher of the turnout remaining in an other than the neutral position. Therefore the train dispatcher did not know of the wrong position of the turnout and naturally could not advise the driver of the machine thereof.

C29/1997R Report (pdf, 0.24 Mt)

Published 27.8.1997