C27/1997R Hazardous situation in rail traffic at Viinijärvi, on June 24, 1997

On Tuesday, June 24, 1997, a hazardous situation in rail traffic was generated at Viinijärvi when a freight train from Joensuu was displayed permissive signals to enter the same track as another freight train standing on the marshalling yard. No accident occurred as the driver of the approaching train managed to stop the train before a collision. The engine driver arrived at Viinijärvi with exceptional alertness as the signal indicated track I as secured, whereas normally the train from Joensuu heading for Sysmäjärvi would take track II. Finally the distance between the trains only measured about 270m.

The hazardous situation was a result of the train dispatcher having forgot to turn switch 2 to track II before pressing the key "B½ DRIVE" which produces a permissive signal in the main signal B½ and its distant signal.

In order to improve safety the Accident Investigation Board of Finland recommends that permissive signals be impossible to display in the signals protecting railway yards in case the switch has been turned to a track where there already is rolling stock.

C27/1997R Report (pdf, 0.27 Mt)

•Recommendation S86
Published 24.6.1997