C26/1997R Overheated bearing in fast train coach generating hazardous situation in Hämeenlinna, on June 23, 1997

On Monday, June 23, 1997, the axle bearing in the last coach of a passenger train with three coaches, over-heated and caught fire in Hämeenlinna. The train dispatcher saw the situation and told the driver to stop the train. When the train had stopped, the fire was extinguished and the coach was uncoupled from the train.

The train ran about 20min late. Altogether six other trains ran about 10min or 20min late as a result of the incident.

A highly probable reason for the hot running of the bearing was the rubbing of the axle end-plate fixing screws against the axle-box cover.

In oder to ensure a sufficiently early discovery of bearings running hot due to corresponding or other reasons, the control of possibly hot running bearings should be developed as well as the relevant requisite technical devices.

C26/1997R Report (pdf, 0.31 Mt)

•Recommendation S85

Published 23.6.1997