C24/1997R Hazardous situation in railway traffic at Naarajärvi, on June 11, 1997

On Wednesday, June 11, 1997, a freight train from Venetmäki (from Jyväskylä direction) arrived on the same track at Naarajärvi close to Pieksämäki, where a shunting work unit (an on-duty train) was working. An accident was avoided as the freight train driver succeeded to stop the train.

In the line radio the driver had heard a permission to enter the main line, given to the shunting work unit. Therefore he approached Naarajärvi with great alert-ness. Then perceiving the cars on the track, he stopped the train. The distance between the trains was about 100m.

The hazardous situation was a result of the traffic controller at Pieksämäki giving the shunting work unit permission to enter the main line without having checked the location of the freight train. The traffic controller gathered that the driver of the shunting work unit asking for permission to enter the main line, knew that the freight train had already passed Naarajärvi.

In order to avoid such hazardous situations and possibly resulting accidents, the Accident Investigation Board of Finland proposes that the Jyväskylä – Pieksämäki section be equipped with a block system and a signalling system covering, e.g. Naarajärvi railway yard.

C24/1997R Report (pdf, 0.2 Mt)

•Recommendation S84
Published 11.6.1997