C23/1997R Freight Wagons Derailing in Kemi, on June 9, 1997

On Monday, June 9, 1997, the seven last wagons of a timber-carrying freight train consisting of 30 fully loaded wagons, derailed on the Lautiosaari curve on the section of line between Laurila and Kemi. The derailed wagons travelling beside the track, damaged the track over an about 350 m long distance. Some of the wagons were badly damaged, as well.

As a result of the accident, train traffic had to be interrupted between Kemi and Laurila for about 24 hours. There were some delays in the corresponding passenger services, but no trains were cancelled. The transport services within the area of the accident were operated by bus.

The accident was caused by rail deflection under the train. The deflection was generated jointly by a rapid increase in the temperature of the rail, the weight of the train, and deficient ballasting of the section.

C23/1997R Report (pdf, 0.55 Mt)

•Recommendation S60

Published 9.6.1997