C2/1997R wo tank wagons derailing at Kouvola, on February 11, 1997

On Tuesday, February 11, 1997, at 23.00 hours, two empty tank wagons designed for the carrying of diesel liquid fuel, derailed on Kouvola freight yard. In the accident, the tank wagons as well as the movable-wall open wagon behind them suffered some damage. Furthermore a pole of the electric railway portal beam was damaged, as well as the switch at which the derailment took place. The accident resulted in no personal injury. The total financial loss in the accident was less than 200 000 FIM.

The derailment of the wagons was caused by a stop block having been left lying on the track before the wagon. In order to prevent such incidents in the future, the detectability of the stop blocks should be improved.

C2/1997R Report (pdf, 0.21 Mt)

•Recommendation S72

Published 11.2.1997