C19/1997R Two tank container wagons derailing at Oulu on May 27, 1997

An empty natriumchlorate tank container wagon turned over after derailing at Oulu railway yard on Tuesday 27 May, 1997. An other empty natriumchlorate tank container wagon fell off between the rails but stayed upright. The wagon which turned over damaged badly. 70 metres of the track was damaged at the section of three points. Also the switcher and pointer devices of two points were damaged. The economical losses were less than FIM 60000.

The derailing and felling off were due to the fact that the point was not supported well enough after switching it. It was supported by using hand tools and inspected ocularly. The point sank down by the heavy wagon and the wheel flange of the following light wagon rose on the rail. After proceeding for a while on the top of the rail the wheel fell off outside the rail.

C19/1997R Report (pdf, 0.59 Mt)

Recommendation S36

Published 27.5.1997