C18/1997R Hazardous situation in railway traffic at Järvelä station, on May 21, 1997

A locomotive in test drive ended up on the same block with a digging machine in Järvelä, between Riihimäki and Lahti, on Wednesday 21 of May, 1997. The locomotive was proceeding at speed 70 km/h when the engine driver noticed the digging machine on the track and committed an emergency braking. The locomotive stopped 150 metres before the digging machine.

The hazardous situation was due to the fact that the remote controller had reserved the wrong signal section for the working group. Remote controller had made a mistake in determination of the place because he had not clearly understood the foreman’s explanation about the place.

The situation would have been avoided if the digging machine had been noticed by the axle calculator, thus reserved the track section and caused a stop sign to the signal protecting it.

C18/1997R Report (pdf, 0.16 Mt)

•Recommendation S26

Published 21.5.1997