C10/1997R Three freight wagons derailing at Sköldvik, on March 18, 1997

On Tuesday, March 18, 1997, at Sköldvik, a reverse travelling on-duty train pushed three wagons of a group of wagons standing on the track, through a rail barrier. Two of the wagons were empty tank wagons designed for the transportation of diesel fuel.

Four wagons were damaged in the accident. The rail barrier came loose and it was displaced. Furthermore the fence surrounding the area and the gate were damaged. The resulting economic loss amounted to over FIM 200,000.

The accident was a result of an incorrect assessment by the shunting foreman, of the total length of the group of wagons standing on the track and the reversing on-duty train.

C10/1997R Report (pdf, 0.28 Mt)

•Recommendation S74

Published 18.3.1997