Y2020-E1 Bus accident during conscript leave transport in Iisalmi on 12 April 2020

The preliminary investigation of a bus accident during the transport of conscripts on leave in Iisalmi on 12 April 2020 has been completed. The accident occurred when the front tires of the bus failed and the vehicle swerved off the road on a downhill section of the road. Gusts of wind may also have affected the accident, as the vehicle was quite rear-heavy. The route was along a regional road on which wet snow and sleet had amassed, making the road slippery. The monitoring of road condition information was inadequate.

Serious injuries were avoided, although the bus fell over. This was due to likely most passengers wearing a seatbelt. However, not everyone was wearing a seatbelt – despite wearing a seatbelt being mandatory and sensible. It also became apparent during the rescue and escape situation that the passenger list of the leave transport was not up to date, which caused uncertainty both amongst those involved in the accident and, later, the authorities, and consumed resources.

The accident caused some material damage, but nobody involved was seriously injured.

Based on the preliminary investigation, the Safety Investigation Authority has decided that the special characteristics of the incident do not require a full investigation.

Y2020-E1 Report in Finnish (pdf, 1.89 Mt)

Further information:

Mr. Kai Valonen, Investigator-in-charge, tel. +358 2951 50707

Professor Veli-Pekka Nurmi, Director tel. +358 2951 50701

Published 24.4.2020