C2/2002L Loss of Separation South-east of Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland, on 11 January 2002

On Friday 11.01.2002 at 15.55 (Finnish time is used in this investigation report) a loss separation occurred south-east of Helsinki-Vantaa airport when An-12 cargo aircraft RA11962 call sign VVA9023 used by Aviast Joint Stock Ltd and Boeing B757 airliner
OH-LBU call sign FIN1942 used by Finnair passed approximately 0.25 nautical miles (NM) from each other with vertical separation being 700 feet.

The Accident Investigation Board (AIB), Finland was informed of the incident on 12.01.2002 when it received the incident reports filed by the commander of FIN1942 as well as Helsinki-Vantaa APP (approach) and DEP (departure) radar controllers.

On 15.01.2002 the Accident Investigation Board decided to perform an investigation of the incident and appointed by letter C 2/2002 L as investigators Airline pilot mr. Jussi Haila and Air traffic controller mr. Erkki Kantola. The incident investigation was conducted accordance with Finnish legislation (Act 373/1985) and the Decree (79/1996), ICAO Annex 13 and Council of European Union Directive 1994/56/EY.

C2/2002L Report (pdf, 0.17 Mt)

Published 11.1.2002